Can You Repair Rockchip Damage To A Tesla Model X Wheels?

Utah’s elite mountain ranges are a gorgeous playground for high-performance vehicles. But the nature of mountains are rocky, to say the least, and at the moment you least expect it the mountain you happen to be innocently careening past could ‘sneeze’, sending rocks and pebbles skittering down its slopes straight for the unadulterated beauty of your vehicle’s rims. Yikes.

But when you have a car as beautiful as the Tesla Model X, are you really going to allow a little thing like rock chip damage put them off from driving that baby around Salt Lake City’s Wasatch Front? Clearly not. So if you find yourself with a scourge of holes, chips, chunks and scratches covering your Model X’s wheels, can they be repaired?

If you feel like you’re caught in a horror movie, with giant chunks gouged out of your poor beleaguered Tesla Model X’s futuristic wheels, have no fear, Salt City Wheels is here! Which totally rhymes, in case you hadn’t noticed….

If you think this particular scuff or hole is too big or (worse) too complicated to be fixed, thankfully relief is at hand. Salt City Wheels are the mobile wheel repair experts. We have been nestled in the foothills of Utah’s Uinta mountains for long enough to know a thing or two about rock attacks from on high on wheels. Even with Tesla’s particularly beautiful and unique wheels, our mobile wheel experts have the know-how to restore them to the perfection they demand.

Our trained professionals know how to fill, unbend, straighten, buff down, repaint and seal your wheels back to their beautiful, pre-assault appearance. We have the specialist equipment, tools, paints and fillers needed to get your Model X back to its glory days (of last week). We can also color match virtually any color, pigment-level and finish, whether your wheels are OEM finish or after-market finished. And possibly better still, this entire service is 100% mobile - we will bring our fully-equipped specialist trailer to you and do the work wherever you need it to be done. 

This world-class repair and restoration service is just one short phone call away.  So if you find your Tesla Model X wheels unfairly attacked by a mountain, call the professionals at Salt City Wheels today at 801 425 3044. We’ll have your beleaguered wheels repaired and restored to their former glory in no time!