I Drove Over A Pothole and Now My Wheel Is Bent - Can It Be Repaired?

Potholes are a seasonal plague in Utah and the Salt Lake Valley in particular. Beleaguered roads are slammed by rain, sleet, snow and salt, not to mention the rather heavy-handed approach of snow ploughs as they scratch and scrape their way along the highway. The result of this assault is, naturally, massive and unexpected craters in your path as you’re innocently trundling down the road. If you’ve found yourself axel-deep in a nasty pothole, you’re not alone and Salt City Wheels will have your ride back to its glorious former self in a jiffy. 

If you take your vehicle to the dealership or even a tire repair shop, they will likely tell you that it’s impossible to ‘un-bend’ a wheel and that your only option is to replace the whole thing. And then they tell you the price, which will send you running for the hills (or mountains, in our case). 

At Salt City Wheels, we are specialists in reversing wheel damage. Our mobile repair shop is kitted out with all the latest machining bells and whistles in one portable package and it comes to you - at your home, work or office. Our wheel experts are trained in various forms of mechanical engineering and have the tools and the know-how to repair and restore your wheel to its former glory - no expensive wheel replacements needed. 

Call us today at 801 425 3044 to schedule your FREE wheel repair estimate. We’ll get you straightened out in the twinkling of a hubcap!