How Perfectly Can You Color-Match When Painting A Wheel?

I would say the sky’s the limit, but firstly the sky can be almost endless shades of blue depending on the time of day, cloud cover etc, and secondly that would imply that our color-matching abilities have a limit!

In my experience, we can custom color match any color on a grayscale pretty much perfectly - high gloss or matte blacks, grays and whites. If it’s any color outside a grayscale, we can match it perfectly 95% of the time. 

Grayscale colors contain less pigment combinations, so they are much easier to reproduce exactly. Colors are never just straightforward blue, yellow, green, etc - they contain endless combinations of colors WITHIN those base colors, not to mention the warmth or coolness of the shade. At Salt City Wheels, we will use our multiple decades of custom engineering experience and artistry to mix and create your dream wheel color combination. 

If you have a perfect paint color and finish in mind for your wheels, our Salt Lake City-based mobile engineers serve Draper, Holladay, Murray, Sandy, Midvale, South Jordan, Sugarhouse, South Salt Lake and Salt Lake County, and will work with you to recreate your dream wheels (we love a color challenge!).

Call us today at 801 425 3044 to schedule your FREE custom wheel consultation. Your dream rims are a phone call away!

Luci Carrillo