Can You Straighten A Bent Alloy Wheel?

The wheel repair experts at Salt City Wheels are Utah’s premier specialists at straightening bent wheels. But, you might ask, what about alloy wheels? While there is obviously a big difference between a wheel finished with a hubcap and a fully-design-integrated alloy wheel, the repair process (while complex and skillful) is remarkably similar. We can repair most wheels, alloy or no, with one exception - motorcycle wheels. 

If you have a bent motorcycle wheel, the safest course is always to replace the wheel. On a two-wheeled machine, driving control can be seriously and adversely affected by just one wheel slightly out of alignment. Even if it looks perfect after straightening, it is simply too risky to drive that way. If the bent wheel causes a wobble at 60mph, most riders can’t do a circus act and turn it into a unicycle! And even if they could, do you really fancy riding a unicycle at 60mph?! The dismount would be untidy, to say the least. 

That being said, a bent car, truck or van wheel can usually be restored to its former glory with a process called pressure relaxation. This also applies to old or classic vehicles with bent wheels.  Every wheel bend is different and unique, and there are many processes our skilled wheel experts can employ to bring your rim back up to snuff. We will ensure that your rim is straightened to actual, rather than simply visual, perfection. 

After straightening, our skilled experts will check for cracks and hidden fissures to ensure your rim is safe to drive on. We also offer a bespoke painting service to restore even the most wonky wheel to full OEM painted glory - ask us about our mobile wheel painting service.

Some bends may not be safe to repair due to their location or the severity of the damage - if that is the case, we will be able to let you know on sight of the damaged wheel. You can also text or email us a photo in advance so our experts can give you an advance assessment of the wheel’s repairability. 

If your wheel has been bent-in-action, give Salt City Wheels a call today at 801 425 3044. Our mobile wheel repair professionals will have you set straight in a jiffy!