Will painting my wheels void my manufacturer warranty?

Yikes, what a scary thought! You go to all the trouble and expense of customizing your wheels and making them all beautiful - only to discover that painting them voided the manufacturer warranty! Is this really a thing? Will painting your rims void the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty?

Well, I’m mightily glad to be the bearer of good tidings: no, it won’t. The only way a manufacturer can deny replacing a part under the warranty is if they can prove that the custom modification itself is what caused the damage. Other than that, they have to honor the warranty. 

Actually, for a while Tesla offered custom paint finishes on the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. So clearly manufacturers are not that worried about a spot of paint affecting the performance of their finely-tuned machines. And really, if a few millimeters of pigment can make the difference between life and death, that particular vehicle probably has no business being on the road.

Come to think of it, I can’t come up with a single reason why painted wheels would cause an accident. Other than possibly a neck injury to an unprepared passerby who is mesmerized into uncontrolled rubbernecking by the sheer beauty of your vehicle’s rims. But that’s nothing a hot bath and a cup of Epsom salts wouldn’t take care of.

In reality, manufacturers have to honor the vehicle’s warranty no matter how many modifications you make to the vehicle. You could add a giant pink unicorn horn to the hood of your car and unless it itself actually causes an accident or damage to the hood, your warranty will still be valid. UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) might have a bone or two to pick with you, but that’s neither here nor there - pink unicorn horns should be standard issue, in my opinion.

If your trepidation has thus been soothed and you’re ready get your wheels painted up into a frenzy of spiffy perfection, give our mobile custom wheel experts a call today at 801 425 3044. Our team of mobile rim ravishers will come to your home or work anywhere in Salt Lake City, Draper, Park City and the Salt Lake Valley to make your dreams of wheel painting mastery a reality.