Does Salt City Wheels offer high gloss, matte, satin, and metallic wheel paint finishes?

At Salt City Wheels in Utah, we LOVE wheels, so whatever we can do to make them even more beautiful, we’re all about that business. Specialized wheel paint offers almost endless color and finish combinations, and we will work with you to achieve the paint finish of your dreams. That includes metallic, high-gloss, gloss, satin, matte and OEM finishes in basically any color you can imagine. 

Are there any advantages to one paint finish over another? In practice, they will all wear at about the same rate, assuming they are consistently cared for. However, as with all high-gloss or metallic paint finishes, these will show dirt and damage much more easily than their more matte counterparts. So if you’re planning to get an eye-catching metallic or high-gloss finish on your wheels, be prepared to keep them clean. Which, if you’re going to get such a stunning finish used on your vehicle, seems logical way to do anyway, but just in case you weren’t sure, metallic finishes are higher-maintenance than matte by the sheer nature of their glossiness. If there’s debris and gook all over them, they won’t look shiny, so it stands to reason that you will need to commit to keeping them clean so they emit their gloriously blinding rays to all and sundry.

The converse is also true. Matte paint finishes tend to hide dirt and dust better than glossy finishes, so if you have an all-terrain, off-road or 4x4 vehicle, matte finishes are often a good choice as they tend to be lower maintenance. 

A very popular finish at the moment is satin. Satin encompasses the best of both worlds, giving you a soft sheen that looks elegant and classy on pretty much any vehicle. It’s fairly low maintenance and works with just about any vehicle paint finish too. 

You don’t have to wash the entire vehicle to keep just the wheels clean; if you get into the habit of once a week or so, just doing a quick once-over the wheels with a bucket of warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid soap, paired with a soft, clean terrycloth or microfiber cloth. Once they’re rinsed, you can then leave them to dry in the sun. This simple, five-minute step not only keeps your wheels looking lustrous in all their glory, but all also keeps them clear of brake dust and road debris which can, over time, erode and wear away at your hard-won wheel paint finish.

Wheel paint in any finish is also a great addition to wheel repair. If your rims have been damaged in an accident, crash, or from scuffing, scratching or road rash, Salt City Wheels will have them looking not just as good as new, but even better than new with the introduction of a gorgeous new wheel paint finish. 

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