Can you paint over painted metal wheels?

As a general rule, it is entirely possible to paint over painted metals. However, before you go slapping on paint with vigor and vim, you should know that your finished result will depend largely on what type of paint the underlying surface is, how it was prepared and what condition it is in now. Also, like people and cats, some types of paint simply don’t bond well with each other. 

For example, if you try to cover a water-based enamel paint layer (that was not primed and is currently flaking off) with a lovely new urethane paint finish, it doesn’t matter how carefully you apply the new surface or how high-quality the new paint is, it will not stay put for long and you’ll end up with a horrendous, lumpy-bumpy finish that’s worse than the surface you had before.

Salt City Wheels are Utah’s premier experts in wheel paint finishes. Our trained professionals will know almost on-sight how much prep work will be needed to refinish your rims with a quality paint finish that will last and look beautiful.

Some previous painted wheel surfaces may have been professionally applied and therefore need minimal preparation to create an even, perfect base for your new finish, whereas others need a little more, shall we say, encouragement, to yield the right starting base. Whether it’s cleaning and a light sanding, or a full-force attack with a sandblaster/lightsaber, our wheel experts will get your wheels cleaned up to their most gorgeous state.

Even if the worst case scenario is your reality (flaky enamel interior paint on a primer-less metal surface), our trained team know exactly how to perfectly sand back your rims to their naked state, before applying a professional-grade primer, multiple thin layers of high-quality urethane-based paint and several layers of a clear-coat protective sealant, resulting in a gorgeous finish that isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

The professional-grade, high-pigment urethane paint we use is perfect for automotive applications. Urethane paints contains plastic polymers that interlock with each other to create an incredibly tough and yet perfectly smooth surface that lasts and lasts. Combined with a high-quality primer and clear-coat protective finish, your new wheels will look absolutely incredible and the resulting finish can stand up to even the most determined ricocheting rocks.

If you’re ready to book your new customized wheel paint finish, give Utah’s premier rim experts at Salt City Wheels a call today at 801 425 3044!