Is wheel painting rustproof?

This is a great question. The short answer is yes - as long as the surface to be painted has been prepared correctly. 

There’s obviously no point painting over an already-rusty wheel rim and hoping that the rust will magically go away. At some point the rust will eat its way through from behind the paint and you’ll end up with a really ghastly-looking finish - and a partially destroyed wheel as well. 

Iron oxide - more commonly known as ‘rust’ - is a type of corrosion that forms when iron (or an iron alloy, like steel) reacts with oxygen in the presence of water, or moisture. This is why vehicle manufacturers never put out a model with bare wheel rims - these iron-ful, rust-attracting magnets are always covered with either a hubcap or protected with an OEM paint before the vehicle’s wheels ever reach the road. Rust spreads even more quickly in the presence of salt, so you can see why, on Utah’s wet and salty winter roads, wheel protection is an absolute must.

As with any other painted metals, if there is even a whiff of rust, the metal surface to be painted must be sanded back to its natural state, with all rust treated and removed, no matter how small the spot. Wheel paint will protect your vehicle’s rims from rust, salt and general corrosion as long as the surface has been professionally and correctly prepared.

This is just one reason why it makes sense to use a professional to paint your beautiful rims. Salt City Wheels are Utah and the Salt Lake Valley’s premier wheel restoration and customization specialists. We have been restoring and painting wheels with gorgeous, customized painted finishes for years, and our trained team of mobile wheel experts know exactly how to restore, repair or refinish your rims to glorious, rust-free perfection.

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