Will car dealers charge me for a curbed wheel when I return my leased vehicle car truck? 

Eesh, the many and creative ways car dealers try to scalp you when you return a leased vehicle! So you’ve had your car or truck for three years and it’s time to turn it in. You’ve been over the bodywork with a fine-tooth comb, checking every dent and ding is under the designated length, you’ve had it washed and the inside has been detailed…… and then you’re blindsided with an astronomical bill for repairing that wheel scuff you got whilst parking somewhere two years ago and hadn’t even noticed. What’s up with that?!

Car dealers will usually find any way they possibly can to charge you when you turn in a leased vehicle without buying the car or starting a new lease. It’s just a sad fact in the industry that many vehicle-lessees don’t find out about until it’s too late - they already turned the car in without realizing that a curbed wheel will COST them and the dealership have finished their workup and sent you the final bill. There’s unfortunately no going back at this point. It’s also somewhat maddening that they will often charge you to repair the wheel without actually repairing it - passing that joyful little project on to an unsuspecting new owner. But that’s another matter (grr).

But knowledge is power, and now you know that the dealer will absolutely charge you (way over and above market price) for even a small scuff to a wheel, so you have an opportunity to do something about it before they take your firstborn child and your iPad Pro (or so it feels) in payment for your assorted dents and dings. 

The Utah experts at Salt City Wheels have been repairing and restoring scratches, scuffs, curb rashes and scuffles since time immemorial (well, for quite a long time anyway). If you bring your scratched-up and beleaguered wheel rims to us BEFORE the end of your lease, our trained professionals will make sure that your wheel is as good as new for a fraction of what the Mr Burns-types at the car dealership will charge you. 

Curb rash and scratches are not something you can hide or cover up, and they are next to impossible to fix yourself without specialized equipment and know-how. But this repair is par-for-the-course for Salt City Wheels - we repair curb rash and wheel scratches daily, day-in and day-out, and we will have your wheel(s) looking like new faster than you can say ‘The dealer charges for that?!’

If you have curb rash on your leased vehicle, don’t dilly-dally - call the experts at Salt City Wheels today to schedule your FREE inspection.