How are wheels painted?

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far far away, alloy wheels roamed the roads mostly in exciting, inspired shades of silver, with the occasional hiccup of white, black, or red if you were a particularly racy, Top Gear-obsessed car nut. 

Nowadays, there are endless colors of paint to choose from, from gun-metal gray and hyper-silver to matte black and pure white. You can choose to have your wheels painted the exact same shade as your vehicle, or you can choose a contrasting color to amp up the ‘wow’ factor of your car. If you have a silver car, even using a slightly different shade of silver on your wheels can makes an elegant and definite statement. The wheel/car body color combinations are endless, with each new combo creating an entirely different and unique look.

Most alloy wheels come pre-painted from the manufacturer, usually in some pulse-quickening shade of silver. However, the fun is just beginning when you take delivery of your new ride. There is a veritable rainbow of possible colors and finishes spread before you - all you have to do is choose one of each (simple, right?!). Check out our gallery of eye-candy for ideas to get you started:

A painted wheel finish always starts with a specialist primer. This is sprayed onto the prepared metal of your wheels and allowed to cure at an ideal temperature. The primer is then followed by multiple thin layers of professional automotive paint; the multitude of thin layers creates a strong seal, intense pigmentation and a perfectly smooth finish. A protective clear coat is then applied in several thin layers to seal the new finish and protect your wheels from the corrosive effects of water, oxygen, brake dust, and other elemental nasties.

These layers of primer, paint and sealant are applied in much the same way as paint is applied to the body of a car. A high-velocity, low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun ensues each layer evenly coats the surface of your wheel, resulting in a (practically) bullet-proof finish that looks beautiful while it lasts.

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