Should I get my wheels polished or painted?

These days, you can get your car or truck’s wheels painted in any color of the rainbow, with a custom finish to match. But what if you happen to like the color of the existing, naked wheel and fancy having it polished up to a uniform gloss or matte finish? Is this option better or cheaper than having your wheels professionally painted?

You might be surprised to learn that the answer to both questions is actually no. How can this possibly be, I hear you say, when painting uses extra products and polishing is simply, well, polishing?

While this is true, the practical reality is that naked wheels consist of thick, heavy, often rough-surfaced metals. The time, heavy-gauge tools and sheer brawn it takes to polish this metal to any kind of stable, uniform finish are seriously industrial rather than a skilled art. As a result, polishing naked wheels is insanely labor-intensive and is generally not cost-effective for the client. It also removes layers of metal that the manufacturer intended to be part of the structure and foundation of the vehicle, which can have unpredictable effects on performance. 

Is there anything you can do if you just really like the original color of your naked wheels? Yes - professional, automotive wheel paints are not just available in rainbow hues - they can be obtained in countless OEM (original equipment manufacturer) colors that will match even the bare metal of your vehicle’s rims perfectly, with a vastly superior, uniform finish that actually strengthens and protects the wheel itself as well.

For these reasons, Salt City Wheels does not offer wheel polishing as one of our wheel repair and customization services. We view every wheel we work on as a unique and practical art piece, and we demand the best result, quality and experience for our clients. Our decades of combined experience have shown us that painting wheels is always the superior option, as it adds strength and beauty to an already-beautiful wheel base. 

If you are eager to match the color (and even the finish) of your naked wheels, our wheel customization experts will carefully color-match the paint we use to your wheels. This newly-laid wheel surface will be carefully prepared and primed before the paint is applied and then sealed with a professional automotive-grade clear-coat protectant that will protect your wheels against outside forces.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and our skilled wheel artists will color-match and paint your wheels to a state of physical perfection that will make you want to frame them. Or at least show them off to all and sundry by driving them about everywhere. 

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